Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This Week's Creating a Family Show

Back home and back to work. Morocco was wonderful and seeing my daughter was even better. Before I went, I thought talking with her via Skype was pretty darn good. Now it seems like a pale comparison.

Radio Show: How the Environment Affects Fertility and Conception

Can your environment affect your fertility? What everyday chemicals and toxins should you avoid when you are pregnant? Join our guest, Dr. Tracey Woodruff, Director of the Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment at the University of California San Francisco to discuss how the environment affects your fertility and pregnancy.

We accept questions in advance. Email questions to info@creatingafamily.org. Listen or download the show after 1:00 Eastern Time tomorrow from http://www.creatingafamily.org/radioshow.html

Blog: Is Your Child’s Love Enough to Make Adoption Worth It?

In a comment on a previous blog, a prospective adoptive parent said, “All I was really looking for was some reassurance that I wasn’t guaranteed to make some child miserable just because I could never be biologically connected to them.” An adult adopted from Taiwan as an infant, responded:

"You are looking for the reassurance that love is enough in adoption. While I wouldn’t say adoption in itself equals a life of misery for any child, I do wonder if knowing that a child who has been given a ton of love and “the world” (metaphorically speaking) and who still ends up not liking adoption, would be considered “enough.” That is to say, if the child dearly loves his/her parents, and the parents love that child to the end of the earth, yet all this love in the world is not enough to prevent the hurt caused by adoption, then is it still worth it? To read my response, go to http://bit.ly/GBRnCk

Community Discussion: Should we be offended by one-line adoption joke in the movie, The Lorax?

"Got an email from a mom who was offended by a one-liner in the movie The Lorax. She was there with her 2 kids-both adopted and was uncomfortable, altho the kids didn't react. What do you think: offensive or overreacting?

"Joke" set-up: Rich, bad guy visits the young hero’s house. As the mom introduces her son to the rich, evil man, the man says something polite to the boy. Mom chuckles and replies, “You want to adopt him? Just kidding!” According to my emailer, the line got a good laugh. It seems like it was just a throw away line going for the quick easy laugh, but she thought it was totally unnecessary since it added nothing to the story."

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