Friday, April 27, 2012

Orphan Nutrition

Joint Council is proud to announce the launch of, a new website dedicated to providing information to address the nutritional needs of infants and children living in fragile and vulnerable circumstances.

Through our research with A Child's Best Start, an initiative of the Mead Johnson Nutrition Foundation, we know that there is a lack of resources and best practices on nutrition issues that affect children living in institutionalized settings in many parts of the world. will fit a real need in this area by acting as an international portal with access to a free library of nutrition resources, collection of training materials, and general information on common needs and nutrition issues among this population of children. 

The sites content has been developed with network partner The SPOON Foundation and the program's Global Nutrition Working Group of medical experts and academics in the field of child health and nutrition who provided guidance and input for the site.

We look forward to growing both the content and international reach of this site (including translating it into multiple languages) and will continue sharing updates on its new capabilities in the months to come.

While the new website is still under development, we encourage you to explore the many resources and leave feedback via our online survey

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