Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Families Bring Vietnamese Orphans Home Following Three Year Fight

By Angela Ganote
December 28, 2011 | Indianapolis

A time of celebration, tears of joy, and indescribable emotion. Wednesday, two central Indiana families got their miracle, years in the making.

Three years ago, three Indiana couples thought they were months away from rescuing their children from a decaying Vietnam orphanage. They had no idea what they were about to encounter.

It took 1,291 days of fighting with everything they had in them, but now a promise to never lose hope has a happy ending for two of those families.

"We never gave up and we knew this day would come and today is that day," said Marla Laystrom.

The parents and their sons stepped off a plane and finally made it home Wednesday afternoon.

"I feel like I've been his mom since I met him and just have so many hopes and dreams for him," said Lori LeRoy.

The families have spent the past five weeks in Vietnam fighting to bring their children home. They said without the help of Senator Richard Lugar none of this would have ever happened. They said he is the only reason they have their miracle.

Their adoption officially went through on Christmas morning.

"I now believe in miracles," said Nick LeRoy

Six of the 16 Bac Lieu orphans are now here in the United States. Two of them are right here in Indiana. We are told the others, including the Cowley family, should be home soon.

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