Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hopscotch Welcomes our Bulgarian Partner Foundation

Hopscotch Bulgarian Partners
Vesta Foundation
Hopscotch was honored to receive representatives from Vesta, our Bulgarian partner foundation. We look forward to working together in the recruitment of families for Bulgaria’s waiting children. If you are considering adoption of a child or children, you’ll want to put this program at the top of your list to look further into.

Many families have travel restrictions due to professional careers or child care limitations. Don’t let this be a barrier to bringing home your child. Hopscotch suggests one or both parents travel for a first trip of 5-7 days to meet and register with your future child. The second trip one or both parents may travel or an escort can be arranged to bring your child home.

Hopscotch’s Bulgaria program assists children aged 12 months through 16 years. Families seeking a relatively healthy Bulgarian child, especially between the ages of 1 and 4, should expect to wait for a referral for approximately 30 months or more, from the point of dossier submission to the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice. Relatively healthy children of school age or children with special needs of any age may be referred much faster. The Bulgarian Ministry of Justice is committed to matching children with appropriate families and makes its best effort to refer children who correspond to a family’s gender, age, and health parameters.

However, on occasion a child may be referred that is outside of the family’s USCIS approval or personal parameters. In such cases, the family is never obligated to accept the referral. A subsequent referral will be issued by the MOJ, but there is no guarantee how soon a second referral will be received. Each referral is made with substantial medical and social records for your review. Many waiting children are available from Bulgaria and from time to time, Hopscotch may present a family with the profile of a waiting child for consideration. Siblings or unrelated children can also be adopted from Bulgaria. Bulgarian children are beautiful. Many of them are of Roma or Turkish descent and have an olive complexion, brown eyes, and dark hair.

To learn more, you may be interested in connecting with other Hopscotch families to learn more about adoption with Hopscotch and from Bulgaria (see below).

Lackamp Family
Delong Family
Craig Family

For the most up to date IAC statistics on international adoption from Bulgaria, be sure to visit Hopscotch’s Bulgaria program page on our website.

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